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 From the Pastor’s Desk ….. December 2017

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Providence, we are blessed in this advent season to pause and celebrate the birth of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. In so doing, God allowed us the privilege to acknowledge the birth of His Son with the sermon series entitled, “Let the King of Glory In.”

As we glance around the walls and the fabric of our society, in times like these, we very easily see that many of us, even though we illuminate our homes, yards, businesses, churches, and other aspects with lights, ornaments and all sorts of things to express the birth of Jesus, have not allowed Him to come into their heart.

As I pondered these thoughts and notions, I was led by the spirit to Psalm 24. It is there David said that the World and all that is in it belongs to the Lord. He further said the earth and all who lives on it are the Lords. David goes on to say in this Psalm that God built this earth on the deep waters beneath the earth and laid its foundation in the ocean depths.

David then turns and ask two questions, (1) “Who has the right to go up in the Lord’s hills?” (2) Who may enter God’s holy Temple?”

If I may use my preaching imagination, I would say, no doubt, David paused and said to himself, “The World cannot answer these questions because, # (1) They don’t know who the king of glory is, and #2, they have not allowed the king of glory to come into to their heart.” Therefore, David answered the two questions by saying, “Those who are pure in heart, pure in their actions and thoughts, and those who refuse to worship idols or make false promises, are the ones who can ascend to God’s hill, and enter His holy Temple.”

Hear me when I say that when we let the king of glory into our lives, “Can’t” goes out and “Can” comes in because we become saved and blessed by God. When we become saved and blessed by God, the gates of our heart are opened to love, and the old ancient doors of our closed mind are opened so we are enabled to do the things Satan bewitched us into thinking we could not do. And, when the gates of our heart are opened, and the old ancient doors of our closed mind are opened, we enabled by the spirit of God, through the shed blood of Jesus, to ask and answer the ultimate questioned, “Who is the king of glory?” Yes! We will be able to answer this question by saying, “He is the Lord God almighty! He is the One who was born in a cattle stall, laid in a manger, because there was no room for Him in the Inn in the little town of Bethlehem. Yes! He is the Lamb that was slain, and the Lion who now reigns. He is the One death could not hold, and evil could not control. He is the King of Kings and Lord; He is Jesus Christ, Mary’s baby, the One who is the same yesterday, today, and forever more. He is the king of glory.” So, let us lift up our heads and praise the king of glory because He is worthy of all praise.

When we lift up our heads, knowing that the Lord God almighty is the king of glory, we will be enabled, by and through His powers, to let Him come in. And, when He comes into us, He will renew our heart, rekindle our mind, soul and spirit, and turn our sadness into a joyful dance and put new songs in our heart. Some of us may sing O’ Little Town of Bethlehem; Some of us may sing Silent Night; Some of us may sing O’ Holy Night; Some may sing Please Come Home for Christmas, while others may sing Three Kings of Orient. But for me and my house, we will sing Joy to the World. Yes! We will sing Joy to the world because the King of glory has come into the world to seek and save that which was lost. To God be the glory!

I urge you to join me, and let us keep our focus on Jesus, the King of glory, who came into this world, as a baby, to seek and to save that which was lost!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  


Humbly Submitted,

Rev. Dr. Alexander Pope, Jr.

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Let the King Of Glory In

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